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Do you want a lifestyle change that leads to a healthier and happier life?

Has the pain of staying the same finally become too much?

Have your past attempts to change not succeeded in the way you’d hoped?

I can help because I’m a lot like you.

My Story And Why It Matters to You

I started out as an athlete in high school, but honestly I wasn't very healthy or fit at the time, and certainly didn’t behave like one. I ate garbage and polluted my body with alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.

Not surprisingly, gained some weight and somehow thought it was normal to feel that crappy all the time.

I had my first panic attack when I was 17. It felt like being crushed under a truck, having a heart attack, and drowning in an underwater cave all at the same time. Worst of all:  having no control over the situation.

It just got worse as I entered adulthood. I had a level 10 stressful life, and continued to gain weight and feel like crap. My anxiety and depression continued to spiral downward until I hit rock bottom. I was having daily panic attacks and felt miserable.

Taking Action

At this point, I began the slow and tedious journey of repairing both my mind and my body.

I finally started to get serious about fitness and health when I started to spend time with healthy people. I started doing weight training five days a week, running more, and eating unprocessed foods. I was getting better. The body fat started to melt off, but my performance was still average.

Then one day my ex- boyfriend said that I would never be an athlete that could stand a chance at winning anything competitive. Those words really stung. Being mediocre was NOT OK.

That was the moment I decided staying the same had become unbearable.

I hired a trainer for the first time. I became stronger, leaner, and faster than I had ever been in my life. I got into rock climbing, CrossFit, long distance running, and mountain running and have been in beast mode ever since.

What Happened Next

My biggest fitness achievement was climbing Mount Marathon in Seward, Alaska. It was dangerous and strenuous, and I really had no idea what I was getting into. The first part of the hike was a climb up a muddy wall with pieces of jagged shale pointing up at the sky. I’d read the stories of runners slipping from the rocks and having to be rushed to the hospital in a helicopter. If I made one mistake and fell, it could have been deadly.

I was scared shitless but kept moving forward. Backing out was not an option.

My body was strong and ready for the challenge. My courage grew much stronger that day and I finally understood what I was capable of.

After I got to the top of that wall I had to continue climbing the steep mountainside while clinging to roots of tree branches or crawling on hands and knees until we got on a safer trail.

We then continued on to the summit. The view was stunning. You could see the ocean and mountains all around. The steep slopes made my head spin, but in a good way.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Thinking back on that day, it was a test that I did not know was coming. It was the culmination of the physical and mental transformation that took me decades to complete.

The old me would have been too weak and afraid to take any risks. The old me would have quit before I even started! I would have told myself stories and made excuses, so that I could go home and stay in my comfort zone. But God, it was totally worth getting out of my comfort zone that day.

The wisdom I gained from two decades of making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes, will be distilled and passed on to you in my coaching program. Or, you can just do it on your own and waste many years of your life trying to figure it out. The choice is yours.

May I Help You On Your Health and Fitness Journey?

I’ve been through many rodeos in the game of life. I’ve learned the hard way, by experience. But I’ve also put substantial effort into learning the science and theory of losing weight. I also happen to have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and am a certified personal trainer.

You’ll lose weight in a sustainable manner by making lasting changes in your lifestyle and ways of thinking. You’ll shed unwanted body fat for life and get out of your own way.

My purpose in life is to help people become the best versions of themselves and take back their personal power.

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is a way to reach you no matter where you are. Other benefits include cost savings, convenience, and access to an expert (me!) without having to move to my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska.

Training with me in person can get really spendy at $80/hour. If you saw me for the minimum two sessions per week in person, packages would start at $700/month. For much, much less, you can invest in a customized workout plan, weekly coaching sessions, and nutritional guidance. Also included are  video and text content to learn from and email support.

You will also have:
* the convenience and flexibility of managing your time and workouts according to your schedule.
* Access to a coach who genuinely understands motivation and will be with you every step of the way  

My track record of success speaks for itself. I have been successful at getting people unstuck and off of those stubborn plateaus. I know how to work the most important aspect of lasting change—your mind! You’re not going to get that from an average trainer at an average franchise box gym.

Here’s just one story among many.

Denise’s Story

deniseDenise says that a serious injury and weight-related issues led to a wake-up call.

It was time to get serious about getting my life back.”

Denise had been a ‘yo-yo’ dieter since her teens. She always ended up regaining the lost weight. But then things started to change.

“Solo and I assessed many more avenues that made me realize why I had unsuccessfully engaged in the various diet attempts. We worked until my goals were reality-based and highly achievable.”

“There isn’t a ‘magic pill’, nor is success instant. Making a lifestyle change takes the complete package of finding the right trainer who guides the process for healthy clean eating, an aggressive exercise plan with proper instruction to avoid injury and then offering the right support that helps maintain accountability.”

“Solo has been incredibly patient with me, supports me where I am, and pushes me to excel even when I don’t think I can. We have an awesome partnership; I achieved my weight loss goal and transformed how and what I eat. For the past six months my focus has been on how to maintain all that I achieved and finally, I feel that I have attained that level of success and ability to embrace this total lifestyle change.”

“For the first time since moving to Alaska 12 years ago, I finally feel enabled to truly enjoy all that Alaska has to offer. I won’t just be a spectator!  I encourage anyone seriously looking for a change to embrace this opportunity because if I can do it and achieve this goal at the age of 55, truly anyone can.”

So let’s get started! Complete the form here and I will be in touch very soon.